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5 Hacks for a Sharp Entrepreneurial edge

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5 Hacks for a Sharp Entrepreneurial edge

Entrepreneurs have a wide variety of skills, but not all skills are derivatives of innate talent, most of them have to be acquired by long strenuous hours of practice. Healthy practices enable an individual to be unique and rise above the crowd, thus attracting heads from all over the world.

Here are some hacks for getting that mind sharp and ready for entrepreneurship action-

1. Meditation-Once regarded as a hippie tradition from the sixties and then later as uber cool, meditation has many important benefits. It helps clear the mind and helps relieve stress and detoxify our systems. A clear mind is essential in business meetings and boardroom conferences as it increases the ability to grasp a problem and view it from various angles. Meditation opens up a whole new avenue for self-development, personality, and character wise.

2. Martial Arts Training-Although it may sound a little extreme martial arts training helps focus the mind and develop the competitive and fighting spirit required for entrepreneurial success. The same concentration and spirit that one uses to give a karate chop to his/her opponents can be used to sail through board meetings smoothly. Furthermore, having gained success in physical combat, one will not stress about tackling negotiations and difficult deals.

3. Emotional Intelligence- Having emotional intelligence helps understand the entrepreneur’s employees and their demands. This finally leads to a much better organization as most (if not all) of the employees of the said organization will be satisfied working in that organization and will contribute to its rise. Good leaders value and have empathy about what makes their staff and competitors click.

4. Investing in communities- Investing in communities is very important as it builds up a loyal base of customers and improves the reputation of the company. Community projects help the organization and the entrepreneur have a solid seating in the hearts of the people of that particular community and helps the organization explore new talents

5. Network- Last but definitely not the least, networks help boost the company’s footing. Great connections often translate to success for an entrepreneur. Some of the ways by which it is achieved may be providing free samples to customers to boost consumer trust and it will lead to visibility on social media. Building up a solid network also helps the company promote itself through word of mouth.

Any entrepreneur following the above points will gain a clearer insight into his company and will be able to deal with any problems and day to day challenges.

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