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Retail or Online Sales?

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The retail industry is always under a scrutiny and faces numerous challenges when it comes to online sales. Technology has progressed and is growing rapidly. The consumers are looking for reliable and convenient shopping without comprising the quality. They say in order for retailers to remain relevant, they need to keep their systems up to date and keep up with the consumer needs and activities across various platforms.


Online shopping will always remain a competitor for retailers. Companies, such as Amazon provide great pricing, detailed product information including customer reviews and feedback. Amazon also excels in providing excellent service with great tactile experience.


On the other hand, the brick and mortar stores provide a tangible experience with immediate customer gratification. A retail brick and mortar sale shop provide customer interaction, the ability to touch and feel the product and the option of leisurely browsing the aisles of the products. More so, it provides a branded experience.

The retail world will always have a place for brick and mortar as consumers will prefer the face to face interaction. It is not to say that online shopping will not be beneficial but as per the consumer activity and pattern demonstrated there will always be a big retail market for brick and mortar stores.


In conclusion, Amazon or the brick and mortar retail are constantly in competition and you need to choose who your actual competitor is!...

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